A Shining Purim

The idea suddenly came three days before Purim… The Sun and the Moon. The next day we journeyed to Jerusalem to purchase fabric and all the other little things that we would need to make the costumes and in less than half a day we made them. Nothing is impossible!

Purim Sameach! פורים שמח! May your Purim be as bright as the sun and the moon and you be filled with happiness!

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Volunteering on LivinGood Farm

Moshav Hamra, Israel.


Israeli breakfast at 10:00.

We prepare crisp cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, orange and green peppers, techina with za’atar, and warm pita bread as our hosts Ran and Eyal pour freshly made Turkish coffee into tiny colorful cups.


We spend the day in the warehouse singing along to Israeli music on the radio. We sort  fresh, organic medjoul dates into 1 kilo and 5 kilo brown boxes stamped with the LivinGood logo. Then we bring some back with us to make homemade date swirl cookies. Life is beautiful.


Painting the Mountains 2

Moshav Hamra, Israel


A blank canvas

A blue warehouse wall

A perfect day

To paint over it all

With sunshine we paint

What we see

The mountains of Samaria that surround

And at the top the Lonely Tree


Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. We stop to take a picture beneath some beautiful red hibiscus flowers hanging over a green painted gate. We head to Shuk HaCarmel, the Carmel Market, to pick up some fresh vegetables and bright red radishes. We make one last stop at one of our favorite bakeries. As we get closer we can smell the freshly baked bread. We hurry to get there. Life is beautiful.



Red Rose Pants-handmade

Green Button Pants-handmade

Blouses-thrift store finds



Purim on the Plantation

LivinGood Farm, Jordan Valley, Israel

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Purim is one of the happiest of Jewish holidays. It commemorates the Biblical story of Queen Esther. Queen Esther, whose real name was Hadassah was a young Jewish girl who, through a beauty contest, became the Queen of Persia. She hid her Jewish identity from the king until a royal official in the kingdom arose who planned to annihilate all the Jews. Right before the day decreed for the massacre of the Jews, Queen Esther told the king that she too was a Jew and was able to save her people from annihilation. The days of grief were transformed into days of joy.

Just as Queen Esther hid her identity from the king, to this day, on Purim we hide our identity with masks and costumes to commemorate this amazing story!

These are the costumes we sewed and the masks we made for Purim. Pictures taken on LivinGood Farm organic date plantation in the Jordan Valley, Israel.

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Hoopoe Bird – דוכיפת


little green bee eater

Little Green Bee Eater – שרקרק גמדי

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