Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Walking through the streets of Tel Aviv. We stop to take a picture beneath some beautiful red hibiscus flowers hanging over a green painted gate. We head to Shuk HaCarmel, the Carmel Market, to pick up some fresh vegetables and bright red radishes. We make one last stop at one of our favorite bakeries. As we get closer we can smell the freshly baked bread. We hurry to get there. Life is beautiful.



Red Rose Pants-handmade

Green Button Pants-handmade

Blouses-thrift store finds



Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv. So much has been said about it and yet there is so much to say. Tel Aviv is such a diverse city. Modern in every sense of the word and yet everywhere there are pockets that attest to its history starting from 1906 when a few plots of land were purchased on a sandy beach that would later become the city of Tel Aviv. There is the artsy neighborhood of Florentine, the beautiful White City, and of course, Tel Aviv’s famous beaches. There are outdoor markets everywhere; Carmel, Sarona, Levinsky. And somewhere you can be sure to find in some cafe or corner juice cart, Israel’s famous drink-Limonana. Lemonade with mint and ice. Limonana is the combination of the Hebrew words limon-meaning lemon and nana-meaning mint. Perfect as you walk through the streets on one of Tel Aviv’s hot summer days.


Shuk HaPishPeshim

Jaffa, Israel

Shuk HaPishpeshim. We don’t know if it’s more fun to just say the word or to wander through Jaffa’s flea market. There are things and things everywhere, treasures waiting to be discovered and haggled over. Retro chairs with thick striped pillows, delicate glass chandeliers, vintage backgammon boards, piles and piles of woven and embroidered fabrics.





Silk scarves, old beach postcards, and dusty old steamer trunks covered with vintage luggage labels. Antique clocks, stacks of old rose and lilac painted dishes, and teacups covered with Forget Me Nots. And under a big mountain of books we find a small, well loved leather book of Hebrew poems with old pictures and pressed flowers hidden in the pages. Then there’s an old aqua blue typewriter waiting for a good story, needlepoint rugs, and tons of trinkets and goodies.┬áSellers try to pull you in to explore all that they have to offer. Spend hours, or even days, there and I’m sure you could not even come close to seeing everything.




Beautiful Jaffa. An ancient port city on the Mediterranean coast. Here Jonah embarked on his famous journey that would take him into the belly of a whale. Here millions of pilgrims for hundreds of years began their journey to the Holy Land and Jerusalem. Jaffa was the first sight weary travelers would see. We stroll the ancient cobblestoned streets. Everything looks like a chalk pastel drawing of pinks, greens, blues, and yellows that melt into a tropical delight. The streets are lined with palm trees, a whimsical wonderland. There are quaint cafes, fresh squeezed juice stands on every corner, and boutiques, one after another along the narrow streets, all of this a few minutes walk from the sparkling Mediterranean Sea.